7-figure rock star writer

In summer 2018 I decided I was going to be the first Dutch 7-figure author, by writing whatever I wanted.
No lucrative side gigs.
No affiliated services, like coaching.
No offering of online programs.
Nothing, except for the bare bones 
“Me write. You buy.”
Which was of course a ludicrous idea and it lasted four blog posts.
Until five months later I woke up, without any means of income and my love life a total mess.
The only way I might save my personal life is by quitting writing about it. Which is why after 12 years of doing so consistently, I decided to go cold turkey.
No more men, sex, and bed reports here.
And the most appealing option to cure not having an income, is of course to dust off that old plan, of conquering the world with my writing!
So I did.
This page will contain all chapters on my road to fame, fortune, and a fabulous sex and love life. just that you won’t be able to read about the last part anymore.
But trust me, it’s there.

Part 1: 7-Figure Rock Star Writer

Summer 2018

0721 Watering the Bamboo Tree – five years to becoming the first 7-figure Dutch author, WRITING whatever the fuck I want
0722 Turning pain into pleasure
0723 After 15 years I quit teaching yoga (top 3 things I look forward to)
0727 This is the reality of how bad I m really doing

After these 4 posts I decided to fully focus on my turbulent love life, and wrote an entire book called Project M

When writing about my love life was seriously starting to turn against me, I quit and I picked up this 7-figure writer project again.
I had just lost five months!

December 2018

1221 I am that one in a million rock star writer
1222 Sick, homeless and emotionally drained. First 24 hours of becoming a 7-figure rock star writer 
1223 Jump
1224 Adrenaline junkie
1225 Purpose heals all wounds
1226 I m bringing sexy back (home) 
1227 Mistress becomes rock star
1228 The cage of morality, and the key of purpose
1229 Change your name, up your game
1230 Must write diary make books do yoga get daylight

January 2019

0101 Embracing the dragon 
0102 Sex talk 
0103 To tell or not to tell 
0105 Playing no. A pleasure guide for women with rape and other consent fantasies
0106 Consent and creating a safe space { start 30 day sabbatical }
0112 A boyfriend like Jon Bongiovi
0117 Becoming friends { notes from the publishing room }
0122 Let’s cut the crap shall we? { Notes from the publishing room }
0123 Hacking Happiness. For good. | Purpose Church with LS Harteveld
0124 Sex on Kairos time
0128 Where the operatic section comes in
0129 Sex in the world between worlds
0130 A night as valuable as all others

February 2019

0208 TGIF
0212 This is between God and me
0216 You must NOT wake up to find The One Ring, your purpose, your fate, your LIFE
0218 Do a Frodo
0227 Tattoo needed: If I feel crap, it’s ALWAYS about a man. Even when it’s not.

March 2019

0303 Keep calm and carry on
0319 The 5 things that provided my breakthrough { letter to Sara }
0318 Bye bye Writer. Hello Mistress. { final diary post }

Part 2: Always eat the marshmallow

March 2019

0320 The fear thing is never going to work. And also: Always eat the marshmallow
0321 God can’t get on your planner, Love.
0324 Just leap: The exciting way to follow the marshmallows.
0325 Heart jumping with joy! Back teaching yoga. 
0326 Be clear where you want to go, do research, plan your route. …I M KIDDING! JUST FOLLOW THE MARSHMALLOWS! 
0321 The thing that brought me back

April 2019

0402 You re going to be amazed at what happens next
0405 The Magnetic Entrepreneur
0406 The guiltiest of pleasures is moving me to the bone
0408 When doves cry. Why I m pulling back this coaching and yoga biz.
0416 How I pretend I am *insert kitty*. How I really am *massive decorated skull*
0418 Damn… The crush on Jon Bongiovi I did NOT see coming.
0424 Newborn Mata Hari (Mensa member) calls for duty

Part 3 Submission

0502 Submission
0503 4 mental kinks I didn’t know until I was over 40
0510 Your art is not your business
0518 For the cheaters, the promiscuous, and the polyamorous: You are loved and you are needed
0522 I forgot how to breathe… 
0523 Preparing for Life as a Monk
0528 The Artist is Present. As is the Bon Jovi fan, the avid yogi and the hot as fuck Katrina Ruth devotee
0606 Normal was never going to cut it
0612 I choose the ride

Part 4 A New Life

0624 Heatwave
0624 Hello Rock Star
0625 Always { concert inspired story }
0703 The price of *cross-out* how to live in peak experiences
0716 The dandelion versus the orchyd. A Meta on Jon Bon Jovi’s voice 2019 #THINFStour
0717 A Redemption Arc for Richie Sambora

Part 5 “1994” fanfic inspired erotica

0719 A letter from a stranger | “1994” fanfic inspired erotica episode 1 
0722 Message from a Rock Star Yoga Teacher 
0729 The Little Mistress who turned into a Baby Koala
Mutuals | “1994”: fanfic inspired erotica episode 2 
0806 Van Nice
0826 #ActuallyAustictic
0905 Woman in Love | how a Bon Jovi concert turned me into a better lover
0909 I m in love and this letter caught me JUST in time!
0911 Think about you | “1994”: fanfic inspired story episode 3 
0917 { I believe } Galadriel of Lord of the Rings shows women with Asperger/ autism are highly attractive
0924 Out ta get me | “1994”: fanfic inspired story episode 4
0926 My f**k that shit moment
Let the past die

part 6 Consent play

1020 What my instincts tell me
1102 Rocket Queen | “1994”: fanfic inspired story episode 5
1111 Back to Basics
1117 Anything goes, Unfinished book on Consent Play | “1994” episode 6
1124 Reboot

part 7 The End

1211 The End 
1216 Redemption

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