Watering the Bamboo Tree – five years to becoming the first 7-figure Dutch author, WRITING whatever the fuck I want

Seeing my books in stores all over the world

It took me over an hour to come up with this title.
And that’s including Googling if it was “to become” or “to becoming”.
Only to then find that even native English speakers have trouble with that one, and that I had done it correctly. If I hadn’t, I would have felt even more self-conscious claiming this insanely high income goal, writing in a language that’s not mine.
But I would have pushed through.
No more backing down because it has never been done before.
No more buying into my limiting beliefs, or someone else’s scarcity stories a.k.a. well-meant yet soul crushing advice.
From now on I ll have you expelled from my circle of friends, if you don’t understand that I d rather end up homeless than to put my brain up for hire for anything else than doing my purpose work.
That’s why I added:  “writing whatever the fuck I want”
So I wouldn’t waste time thinking about offers or ideas that were kinda what I wanted. Things I wouldn’t mind…
Like having a profitable yoga business.
Being a successful business mentor for other writers, artists and entrepreneurs.
Or even speaking gigs.
I would love those things, and I ll gladly keep them on as hobbies. But this 5 year goal is about PRIORITIZING. It’s about realizing that it’s better to be living hand to mouth, but with your goal clearly visualized;
Than it is to make €36.000 annually losing sight of what really matters.
The 7-figure income goal is not cumulative.
It means my annual revenues in 2023 are a million or more; from WRITING whatever the fuck I want.
The reason I capitalized the word writing, is because for personal development authors it’s so easy to get distracted spreading yourself too thin by using too many different media to promote yourself.
And so easy to get tempted into developing multiple income streams doing other things than writing. This is because we see ourselves as personal development entrepreneurs; not writers.
And that’s a mistake.
Which is why I made a not-to-do list.


Here are three activities/ income streams/ promos that I ve come to realize, are just not going to work for me.
And why.

NOT TO DO #1: promoting MYself using Instagram/ YouTube/ live streams

I have a YouTube channel, and I m not going to say I ll never create another video; But it’s not going to be part of my daily messaging, weekly content or whatever.
So on the subject of writers using different media to share their message I m gonna say this (cover your ears, gonna shout)
Sorry about that.
Keep in mind I m the one with the YouTube channel, who needs to hear this most.
Just saying.

NOT TO DO #2: Public Speaking and Conferences

I m not saying I ll never promote myself. If I just released a book I put a year of my life in, I ll go on tour and everything.
But this is old-school promotion, where you have a brief period of campaigning.
Nowadays most personal development writers are also speakers, who speak on conferences and events and this can take on a life of its own.
I can see myself giving book readings and interviews to promote book sales: but my 7 figure income is not going to come from charging 100K for a day.
I’m not going to be the Tony Robbins of mistresshood.

NOT TO DO #3: selling online Programs or coaching

This is basically number one and two combined: motivational videos with a price tag are an online course;
If you do it in a private Facebook group it’s an online program or Mastermind group;
If you coach 1-on-1 online (worldwide) you have ticket prices ranging up to over $100K for a year of premium coaching.
Online coaching and online programs are even more profitable than public speaking.
But there is no such thing as a quick buck.
Setting up and running an online business, will be totally draining for a writer.
If you love writing, or provide any other service (like teaching yoga) my advice is to put a hard limit on creating an online business, before the devil seduces you.
Hashtag done.

watering the bamboo tree

My title for this five year project stems from a Les Brown video that is both encouraging, as well as disheartening.
So disheartening that I considered omitting it, and changing the title for something that ensured results a little bit faster.
For example a 6-figure income in one year.
The story Les Brown talks of, is about the Chinese Bamboo “tree”, which takes 5 years of daily watering and fertilizing. But once it breaks through the ground, it shoots up to ninety feet in five weeks.
The lesson being:
If you work on your dreams, you may have nothing to show for, for the first five years.
But keep watering it.
Keep fertilizing it.
Every day!
Despite what people are saying; despite having nothing to show for it.
Never stop! Keep going!
For five years with nothing to show for if you must.
Because once you break through the soil;
you will shoot up to the sky in five weeks.

Want to grow your own money tree?

For the next five years, I ll be sharing my watering schedule, fertilizing secrets and other daily habits that will ensure the Chinese Bamboo grows into a 7-figure income.
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