Bye bye Writer. Hello Mistress. { final diary post }

After 13 years of writing, I m calling it  quits.
In the upcoming weeks I will be publishing my new books:
1. Reboot, my final diary
2. Big Mistress, confessions, columns and sex advice from the other woman
3. I M NOT CHANGING MY FUCKING SHOW All my stories 2007 – 2018
and 4. Blote Kont (Dutch, 2007-2019)
I ve been experiencing this feeling of being stuck for a while now.
Even in December, I tried to quit writing about my personal life.
The plan was to continue writing about how I became a 7-Figure Rock Star Writer but that has failed. I just can’t seem to uplevel myself or my writing.
But I need to break free, permanently, from writing about my life, and including my “personal timeline”.
The things I have clear right now are:
– I m moving from being a writer, someone who turns inward,
into teaching, inspiring and coaching. Someone who turns outward.
– I m moving from being a Mistress, because of the status I ve had the last four years, to being someone who teaches a Mistress Formula.
Maybe a better word would be A Freedom Formula.
I ve learned principles that apply to all situations where there are conflicts of interests and power play.
And I ve learned them WELL because I did not have the upper-hand during those four years. As a mistress, I played a game most women would refuse to play.
But I won.
A couple of weeks back, a friend said she thought my purpose/message was “The Mistress Thing”. And I can see she’s right:
I have indeed found a sexual orientation which will fit many independent women like a glove. But I m also just discovering that The Mistress is actually a position of power:
It’s the vacancy at the board of directors.
It’s the empty chair at the family table.
It’s the vacuum in the heart, of any man of power.
It’s the place we never took, but which was always there…
The Mistress is feminism at its finest, it is the big thing we all overlooked.
I m just beginning to understand the vast, powerful, meaning of what I have discovered.
But in order to do that, I need to let go of who I was, in a creative sense. I need to really BECOME her.
Because The Mistress principles, to have it your way in relationships, in business, in life, are not tied to if you really are a mistress or not.
And as such they are not tied to my personal diary.
On the contrary: I’m still unsure if this new persona, which I will develop should even be called The Mistress.
You know what has made me decide that she is?
It’s not my faith in the whole matter, because I would drop the title Mistress like a hot potato when given the chance.
No the reason I  know the title Mistress is the right one, is because I heard this inner-voice, saying to me that The Mistress wanted out.
She wanted to work, she wanted to coach.
She wanted to stand her ground, and be known.
And she, The Mistress, literally said to me:
“Trust me on this.”
So I will.

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

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