The 5 things that provided my breakthrough { letter to Sara }

Hi Sara,

I just wanted to let you know I ve FINALLY broken through ALL resistance, and am flying way high with my books.
It’s the massive breakthrough I ve been waiting for, probably
ever since 2017 when I published my first 10 books 😅
Naturally I AM trying to analyze how I manifested this:
What did I do differently this time?
What were the key elements that are allowing me to publish my books and basically entirely reinvent myself?
I ve come up with several things, but it will always be a chicken and egg situation:
Did these things happen as a result of me being ready?
Or did these things cause me to be ready and are they in fact a formula?
And then (oh dear) there is the most likely and equally unpopular scenario:
That it was because of a man.
That behind my back my lover shifted his attention/focus towards me, liberating himself from struggles I suspect have been going on, which could have been dating back to late 2017.
But lets’s not think about that.
Let’s ignore that the truth could be as simple as:
Secret lover who I hardly see, is thinking of me?
Me happy.
Secret lover who I hardly see, is not interested in me?
Me analyzing the fuck out of life why I m feeling so bad.
So if I assume I have control over my life and emotions, then t
hese are the things that shifted my energy. A list
which should be kept some place safe so I can follow this recipe whenever I need to publish my books or realign my career, again.

1.The 7 Figure Basement

One week ago I had this epiphany:
“Oh my God! This is NOT the basement of a successful person! I need to clear this!”
And I took on the humongous task of clearing it out.
2/3 of the things are from my best friend who has migrated, but her things and my things had gotten mixed up, because of the renovation. And the renovation had made them dusty plus a lot of the boxes had cracked under the weight after being stacked on top of each other for such a long time. 
It took me five hours but I now have a beautiful basement, and all her things have little cards on them, with her name.
So now I have a 7-Figure Basement.

2.The movie Vice

This movie has sparked the idea that my Vice qualities (loyalty, strategic thinking and handling mundane tasks) (such as publishing my books!) may be my most monotizable qualities to get a job.
And around the same time, I realized that my most important value in life, the thing I want more than any other thing, is to be able to work from home.
With a cat running over my desk.
And my dream life is not having a cat, while mommy is out somewhere else. Worrying sick.

Actually, working from home was the main feature which appealed to me, about this project I started in December:
7-Figure Rock Star Writer.

But in hindsight it didn’t really say 7-Figures.
What I meant was I wanted to become a 
“Earn enough to stay home with cats Writer”
Not catchy!
But the combination of the three, Vice inspiration, working home with cats, and 7-Figure Rock Star Writer, does inspire me to be my own Vice, in the upcoming weeks or months.
To fully back myself publishing my own books.

3. Only write when I have to!

Originally I stopped writing altogether, like a fasting, in order to publish my books. But some things needed to be processed, and I gave in to that. So I did write a couple of things and I m okay with that.
To only write if I really need to, will be my new normal.
Not “write daily” or something.
That is too distracting. 

4. Follow the flow

This is a super long paragraph, but the one-sentence management summary is:
Always follow flow!
(not your planning)
I ve had multiple days where I did not do what I had scheduled, and it was the most important factor in all my breakthroughs. 
On Saturday, one week ago, I created a sales page for coaching women.
A totally unexpected move, at the time I didn’t even understand why I was doing this.
But that night, I went into the basement to clear it out -> and the FLOW creating my books followed!
So it was:

Create sales page for coaching (unscheduled)
Clear out basement (unscheduled)
And I ve also decided to stop writing in Dutch; I can bind all my Dutch LS Harteveld stories, dating back to 2007.
This is the perfect time for me to end it.
And next to becoming a coach, and quitting writing in Dutch, it goes even further because (hold on tight) after 13 years
I really feel I no longer want to write about real life situations, with the possible exception of writing about my lover and me, but only if it adds to what I know about life.
After my last call with you, where we wondered what my friend thought my purpose was, I asked her.
She answered she thought my message was the Mistress.
And at that time I was still like:
“Oh the Mistress…. jeezz”
But now I’m seeing she was right.
I crave to become this persona, this professional.
Not the one who constantly reflects inward, but the one who shares, and monetizes, what she knows. What she has learned.

The way I see it, my new topic, or quest, is applying the mistress principles in order to become a 7-Figure Rock Star Writer.
I see coaching as a way to help others, and to keep developing these freedom or Mistress principles. 
I ve stopped seeing myself as a writer, because I really feel that is no longer where I need to be.
These books I m currently publishing are an end to the yoga career, to the diarist era, and to writing in Dutch.
And they’re also the symbolic ending of the path I set foot on 12 years ago, to figure out my love life.

I ve reached my destination, I reached it four years ago when I became a mistress.
I m now turning onto the path of becoming a 7-Figure Rock Star Writer, but much more from the perspective of personal development, using the Mistress principles. 
The 7-figure journey and the Mistress principles are what I share. 
It’s almost like it was inevitable, that I would turn away from the Dutch market, where I wrote about things like movies and men. As if there was a deep understanding within me, that those are all distractions.
To become a 7-Figure Rock Star Writer, and share my Mistress message, I need to keep my eyes on the big picture and not be seduced by the devil or local or small successes.
Unless I fall in love with the devil and we have sex, but that’s following flow 😂
Okay, so ALL that happened, in the slipstream of writing one sales page on a Saturday.
All because I followed flow! 

And on Thursday I did it again: Instead of working on publishing my LS Harteveld books, I started working on my yoga books. Which were not a priority and not part of the plan for March.
But just like writing the sales page and clearing out the basement, it paid off.
I found an English manuscript on White Tigress yoga, and I created a book within a day.

It does not have a spiffy cover (and I may in fact have to redo the cover, because of the quality of the pixels) but I just couldn’t be bothered to wait.
I published it, put it out there for sale, and ordered a test copy.
The second way this Thursday paid off, is that this book White Tigress yoga has reconnected me with my own love for yoga. I printed my own White Tigress book, and hope to be back on the mat soon!
And after taking this huge risk on Thursday, I started working on my Dutch yoga book again, on Friday!
Just like the White Tigress book, the main yoga book was also supposed to be like a workbook, only yoga schedules really.

But then I wanted to illustrate it with posts from my Dutch blog, on the different styles of yoga which it covers. Browsing through my yoga blog I found something:
The story of my last 18 months teaching yoga!
So I ve reframed the entire yoga book, to include my writing. I ll call it Diary of a Yoga Teacher or something.
And it will contain both my blog posts, as well as a year’s worth of schedules.

“Finding” this whole new book on Friday, after already publishing one on Thursday, made me incredibly happy.

5. (Follow the flow but) Don’t drop the ball

Every day I check my bank account, track my expenses and do something to publish my books.
This can all be done in 10 minutes.
It makes me confident that I will always be on top of my finances, and will stay connected to the publishing process. 
As long as I meet a minimal daily requirement, I can go with the flow the rest of the day.
Next to the above five things, and I would almost say “Mr.Big changing his mind”, there is of course another factor that may have contributed to me being so productive and focused:
Sleep-over cat baby K.
He reminds me of my deceased cat Max, more and more every day.
He’s so cuddly and sweet, and he has the same type of Siamese face. 
So on second thought, me working from home with cats may be more than an “ideal” work situation:
It’s more likely, it’s the only situation that is ever going to work.

Looking forward to our call, and I was happy to finally have some good news for you!

Warm regards.

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