Normal was never going to cut it

The past two, three days have been hell on the Richter Scale, as I managed to disappoint myself AGAIN, with how little room there is to do the sensible.
To stop writing.
My business.
Publishing my books
Or to marginalize them to modest blocks of free-time.
And even the logic to take a part-time job, to create more time;
I long for a full-time, going all-in experience.
So despite my best efforts to envision, get passionate, to plan and get real with what one person can do;
I dropped into a deep knowing that unfortunately for me, and for everybody still hoping that one day I ll be cured, the truth is this:
Normal ain’t gonna cut it.
It really is, in no uncertain terms, going to be my way or the highway.
And it’s not gonna be the highway.
It just has to be, going to be, and from this day on WILL BE the way it was always meant to be:
Motherfucking everything.
The whole shebang.
There will be no choice between writing or YouTube. Or between a fantastic, exciting job in the real world and a 7-Figure book empire. Build as a side hustle, no less.
There is just no way to cut this short, nor to plan for this, nor will it let itself be beaten into some sort “create your dream life – schedule” that would make sense to anybody.
There will be no to-do lists on how to do it all, because I will just be doing it all by the nature of who I am.
The way that my life will work is by doing all the things that people say you cannot do or combine. It is the only way that from a spiritual, intellectual, fun perspective, makes any sense!
And that may be crazy, to the layman’s eyes.
But this morning was the first when I woke up happy, and light. Knowing there will be no more choosing. In the end there was only one thing that was ever going to work. 
To do it all.

An unexamined life is not worth living

7-Figure Rock Star Writer

This is the eight chapter of
7-figure Rock Star Writer part 3: Submission

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