The price of *cross-out* how to live in peak experiences

God I m so easily fooled.
Who are these people?
The moderate, every-day-is-planned goal-getters who believe life is a set of healthy success habits.
And more importantly: Why do I feel guilty for not being able to do that, when I know:
a. That artists don’t work that way.
Managers work that way, people in regular jobs work that way. To an extend even entrepreneurs work that way.
But artists?
They just have to unleash whatever is inside of them.
 b. I know my real art, requires abstinence from ALL the things, when I m working up to it.
My coach Sara has said it for a long time:
My real art are the hours I am with my lover.
When I am a secret mistress.
Where I can only show up because of all the preparation and mindset work I do. 
And since the Bon Jovi concert this truth became amplified:
The build up was months.
On the day itself I didn’t even look at my phone, after 2 P.M.
And it took me almost three weeks to process it, and also to get all the pieces of my life into (a new) place.
If I learned one thing from that concert, it’s that peak experiences take at least half as much time to digest afterwards, as they take in preparing.
So no…

I don’t know when I ll be back.
All I know is that I have three things on my calendar that I want to give my FULL attention, because all three are part of the vision I hold for myself.
And just like the Bon Jovi concert, I have no idea where it will lead or what will change because of it.

I always knew that the bullet-point, getting-things-done approach was somewhere missing the mark, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was until now:
Daily habits, linear thinking, and an allowing of the little stuff to play a role of importance doesn’t allow for peak experiences.
There is no concentration on the upcoming events if I keep pushing for a daily video or a blog post.
Even a quick “Share your work” heads-up, is lethal.
Communicating keeps me tied to the outside world, whereas for a true peak experience I need to go in. I need to already live from that place, where I want to be at. Already be in the energy of it.
The closer the event itself gets, the more difficult it becomes to be in the real world at the same time.
Right now I have three events lined up. On three consecutive days.
So having learned from my Bon Jovi concert experience, and feeling the anxiety in my body of having to stay visible online when I know I need to start turning inwards now –
You will not be hearing from me.
It took me until now to realize that if I want to have peak experiences more often, I have to move away from having a daily online presence, and into anticipation and alignment.
I need to finally and fully, make peace with the fact that I m not entrepreneur, I live for my art.
Not of it.

An unexamined life is not worth living

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