Be clear where you want to go, do research, plan your route. …I M KIDDING! JUST FOLLOW THE MARSHMALLOWS!

A week ago I made a seemingly insignificant decision for my business:
To stop writing in Dutch, under this name Lauren Harteveld.
I had a thousand reasons to do so.
Okay, just one – I wanted to focus on being a coach, not a writer.
But from that one decision,
a whole series of events unfolded.
All amazing stuff and currently I m entering the most daring, boldest two months of my life.
But exciting indeed.
As I m looking into how I want to proceed, I find myself thinking about repurposing an old website and an old domain name from my old yoga biz, to support my new local business, teaching private yoga.
But I just wasn’t feeling it, you know?
I have an incredibly cute alter-ego in Dutch, and from that place I ve made a soft launch, for this new yoga business.
It’s like the Fischer Price version of private yoga, so cute you can eat if with a spoon.
I love that.
But although I support the idea of setting up a “real” page, offering “real” private yoga, the kind that rock stars and badass men and women are on the lookout for and recommend to each other,
I just wasn’t feeling that vibe with this old professional website, which was tied to my old/ my real name. It felt like breaking a promise I made to myself half a year ago;
That I never had to work under my real name again, ever.
from now on, Lauren Harteveld would do all the work, earn all the monies, and she’d find a way one or another. Either working for a boss or for herself.
To breathe life into my new and exciting yoga business, but using my old website, didn’t feel expansive and joyful at all.
And then I got it!
What if… what if!
I start teaching yoga locally, AS Lauren Harteveld!
What if I use my Dutch Lauren Harteveld site, the one where I had quit writing a week ago, and made that my site for private yoga and in person coaching here in Nijmegen?
I felt so excited, I started writing this blog post right away even though I m in the middle of composing a very important and complicated email to my accountant.
So you see?
I didn’t plan ahead at all, when I decided to quit writing about films and books, for my Dutch LS Harteveld site.
Yet after that, in the still after the storm,
my cute baby alter-ego picked up the idea to teach Fischer Price yoga.
And then, with my online coaching offer here on this site, and Fischer Price yoga locally, I got inspired to dial up the heat on my biz.
And started thinking about a professional yoga website;
and THEN (but only then!) the light bulb moment came to start teaching privates and do in person coaching as well, both as Lauren Harteveld.
Instead of just baby yoga 😉 locally
and online coaching.
So two new, very exciting things added to my business overnight.
If one week ago, I had been too fearful, or in doubt about quitting writing in Dutch, none of this would have happened.
Not Fischer Price yoga, for people who connect with the cutest, sweetest version of me.
Not in the person coaching, here in Nijmegen.
Not an entire new career of Lauren Harteveld teaching privates.
So you see:
Don’t plan anything.
All you have to do is walk away from what doesn’t feel right and take the step right in front of you. Even if, and maybe especially, if you cannot see the whole staircase.

Just follow the marshmallows.

Follow the marshmallows. *

This English post was a sneak peek!
My new Dutch/Nijmegen coaching and yoga offer will be posted here on a joyfully revamped Zeg maar Lauren,
page as soon as possible
Subscribe on that blog to get it in your mailbox.

*) Follow the marshmallows is based on the idea that the most likely way God will show you your path, is by making it look urgent and/or very appealing.
You will feel an urge, a rush of energy, a pull towards it!
Like wanting to pick up teaching yoga 😉
It will actually require effort to not do it, to restrain yourself. 

Don’t restrain, eat the marshmallow.  And more likely than not, the second marshmallow will appear immediately after.

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