Heart jumping with joy! Back teaching yoga!

me in my yoga studio yesterday night: I kept the location on as a business address

Nooooo, I didn’t see it coming!
Ha ha ha.
And I m sure I ll have so much to tell about this epic turn of events, I expect I will not be able to shut up about it.
For example, isn’t it legendary, that when I did my first yoga session at my abandoned studio, the music I used was Bon Jovi’s album “This House is Not For Sale”.
I was gawking at my cd player (yes I have a cd player), as if I was hearing the words for the very first time.
This house is not for sale
Where memories live and the dream don’t fail
This house is not for sale
Coming home
I’m coming home
I cried. And not because I knew my body would probably do its own crying during yoga, after having been neglected ever since I stopped teaching.
I cried because it was all so magical, everything about it.
Having the worst year of your life, 2018. Failing to save my business with a switch from group classes to private studio.
It had all been very emotional, and I didn’t want to let students from group classes down.
The chance I had at making a successful switch to teaching privates was undermined by countless things, but yeah, I couldn’t fully cut the cord either..
Not until it was too late, because I was already burned out.
I see now, walking away from group classes was a necessity because of one major thing.
And it wasn’t because I was teaching nights!
In an earlier piece, After 15 years I quit teaching yoga (top 3 things I look forward to) dated July 23, 2018,
I speak about looking forward to having my nights off.
The majority of my group classes had been at night time.
And I just loved the idea of working (writing) until 5 PM and then go to the city for a movie or a date.
But social events or going to the movies, turned out to be far from an ideal way to spend your evenings. You get home too late, or in a mental state you didn’t predict.
And ending your day at 5 PM also means that it needs to be productive.
But I just CAN’T work at my desk for 8 hours a day! I just can’t!
If I ever go work for a boss, regular workdays will be a must, and I will not be able to afford to essentially graze on my work hours, from 6 AM to 11 PM.
I start with sharing social media posts while still in bed.
Then it can go anywhere, from studying coaching programs, to writing a blog post while still in bathing robe. Walking around with a hair mask all day.
And sometimes I shower and am behind my desk at 8, beautifully dressed.
But I like to walk away from my desk. Work a few hours and then go for a bike ride or something.
I really missed the sense of direction, night time classes gave me.
They provided some context, and also gave meaning, to that whole day of being by myself doing whatever I wanted 🙂
So free nights turned out to be far from ideal.
That’s one reason why after this long period of rest, I am now giving last year’s original plan, to revive my business by focusing on teaching privates, a second go.
And I have a solid reason for that:
Because working 1-on-1 is my biggest strength
My relationships are perfect, and I loved all my yoga students and things have always been amazing whenever we’re one on one.
For friends, family, students, coaching clients.
Now that I realize that, having my own business coaching and teaching private yoga, has become a top priority. Because it would make an absolutely dream business!
Last year I didn’t know WHY I wanted this private teaching biz: now I do!
Because working one on one is the biggest contribution I can make to society, to Life, to everything.
But I am going to do one thing differently, compared to how I used to do business.
Which is that I am never again, going to make a whole song and dance out of my offers or the way I market them.
Because my experience is this:
Either it’s gonna fly.
Or not.
The biggest mistake I made in my yoga business, is that I invested in marketing for four years, trying to make my studio profitable again.
When the first ten successful years, I didn’t do anything, or hardly anything.
I got the students automatically, and I think it’s because I was just assuming that either they’d come, or they wouldn’t. And from the two, the most likely one was that they’d come.
But I lost my faith.
In retrospect I can see when that happened (2012-2013, sad story, separate blog post! 😦 ) But I had lost faith in myself.
And that was not something that could be fixed with four years of marketing.
So this time around, I m gonna coach, teach, and sell books.
And if God wants it, these three things will be a new, and full income.
And if not, I m going to take a job, and still coach, teach, and sell books in evening hours.
Because working weeknights is the absolute best way to spend them.
I know that now 🙂

Follow the marshmallows. *

*) Follow the marshmallows is based on the idea that the most likely way God will show you your path, is by making it look urgent and/or very appealing.
You will feel an urge, a rush of energy, a pull towards it!
Like running to the basement on a Saturday night!
It will actually require effort to not do it, to restrain yourself. 

Don’t restrain, eat the marshmallow.  And more likely than not, the second marshmallow will appear immediately after.

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