The guiltiest of pleasures is moving me to the bone

pink 80s interior, Desperately Seeking Susan

After watching Atomic Blonde, set in Berlin 1989, so often I knew its one-liners by heart (and the were a lot of them) I decided to go for the real thing.
Instead of reenacted 80s, I was going back to Desperately Seeking Susan, a movie from 1985, which was shot in the weeks Madonna became a worldwide star.
By the time filming was done, they had their own security to keep the fans from the set.
I saw the movie when I was the ideal Madonna fan age – 13 years old.
In hindsight the story of a suburban housewife becoming obsessed with the wild and free Madonna, was the patient zero story of Madonna wannabes.
I ve toyed with the eighties for a long time.
First time was in the 90s already, with the movie The Wedding Singer, which must have been the first 80s retro-comedy.
So far, my highlight has not been a movie but an entire 80s exposition in a museum.
With cabins where you could watch clips from Dynasty and Dirty Dancing.
Visit recreated teenager rooms with Duran Duran posters on the walls.
Play an old Pacman game.
And so on.
In the final room they had school agendas on exhibit, pasted cover to cover with clippings from idols.
The exact same agendas I keep in my filing cabinet.
So all in all my eighties obsession is nothing new.
But what is new is that for the first time I ve taken an interest in what I will call the “Miami Vice” look.
Atomic Blonde emphazid the black and white theme of the eighties, and neon colour, but sparsely used.
It was gritty.
Watching Desperately Seeking Susan again, I feel drawn to that pink, Miami-like look.
You remember? The one that also might have this green or mint in it.
I noticed it in a film, Madonna and the Breakfast Club.
After parting ways with Madonna, the documentary showed the album the band had made, a pink/mint 80s design.
(see photo)
That’s when I ejected my Atomic Blonde dvd from my player, after playing it weeks on end, and put Desperately Seeking Susan in.
Press play.
Ooohhhhh the pink! The pink interior that was used as a backdrop for the suburban housewife, was absolutely irresistible.
And down the rabbit hole I went!
I started listening to the Miami Vice soundtrack.
Visited secondhand stores for 80s things.
Asked the local bookstore when the school agendas would arrive.
And started fantasizing about revamping my yoga studio to an 80s interior!
My studio location is currently not operational, and it is unsure if it will be back up.
It’s up to the landlord.
It won’t affect my starting date, which is April 17. I m open for business, offering private yoga classes in Nijmegen. As I m renting space somewhere else.
But to just think that if I get my own location back up, I can redecorate it 80s style.
I haven’t been this excited since rediscovering Gerry the Cat.
That is the guy who created an entire stationary series in the 80s:
A stewardess drinking 7Up.
The star sisters.
And my personal favorite: Two girls blowing gum.
I will need a Gerry the Cat poster in my studio.
And I saw a photo online of an old-timer garage here in the Netherlands. The had invested in two palm trees and a cobalt blue carpet at the entrance of their showroom.
It’s things like that, that make my mouth water.
And my heart sing.

Follow the marshmallows. *

*) Follow the marshmallows is based on the idea that the most likely way God will show you your path, is by making it look urgent and/or very appealing.
You will feel an urge, a rush of energy, a pull towards it!
Like wanting to pick up teaching yoga 😉
It will actually require effort to not do it, to restrain yourself. 

Don’t restrain, eat the marshmallow.  And more likely than not, the second marshmallow will appear immediately after.

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