This is the reality of how bad I m really doing

I’m not writing this because I’m discarding my plan to become the first Dutch author who is internationally successful writing in English.
I m not writing it because I don’t have plans for the future.
I m not even writing it to ward off all the well meant advice that immediately has me wanting to kill myself, from “I have the perfect job for you”,
to “Why don’t you start taking yoga classes again, after giving them for 15 years.”
I m writing it because I am the first to forget how bad I m really doing and am so eager to move on.
When the truth is I shouldn’t plan on doing anything -not editing my books (I had one LS Harteveld and three under my real name planned), not writing these blog posts, not moving house to something smaller, not becoming famous, not getting a small job, NOTHING
Until I sleep again for at least four weeks in a row.
Until the pain in my chest stops.
Until the crying stops.
Until I haven’t thought about killing myself for at least a whole week.
That’s when I can start making plans.
No sooner.

An unexamined life is not worth living

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tenth anniversary of the book that changed my life!

Summer 2008 I started writing in English.
Dutch American Diary 
This diary became the only thing that offered stability during a time where I had just left my partner after fourteen years and two new men were driving me crazy.
A book about starting over in your mid-thirties and reinventing yourself as a lover;
As a woman;
And as a vengeful fury from hell.

Als je Nederlands bent is De Candystop een aanrader.
Dit dagboek speelt enkele jaren later, maar er komen minstens evenveel mooie mannen in voor.
En veel beroemder.


These are my English titles:
Dutch American Diary 2008-2009  €15
LS Diary 2012-2013                                € 10
Bedtime Stories 2014                            €15
Mirage 2014                                               €5
Big, diaries and erotica 2015-2016 € 20
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Select your store f.e. Nederland or United States
with the flag in the upper right corner.

De volgende Nederlandse boeken
zijn ook op voorraad bij boekhandel de Feeks in Nijmegen
verzending gratis v.a. € 17,50

Het Boek Benjamin           € 45
verzameld werk NL en Engels.
Het enige boek dat hier niet inzit is Witte Tijgerin, dus mijn andere Nederlandse boeken zitten hier wél in.

Mango                                 €15
coming of age novelle

22 erotische verhalen   € 15
literaire pornografie in de geest van Anais Nin

Witte Tijgerin                  €5
gids voor solitaire vrouwen die een geweldig seksleven willen en plenty energie

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