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“The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Scovel Shinn, had a slow start.
She published her own books, and her work wasn’t published by a publishing firm until after her death.
When in 2011 the bestseller “The Game of Life and How to Play It” was republished with the original cover from the second edition of 1945, this was the second edition of the book as it was published by that publisher.
Because from 1925, the date of the first release, until her death in 1940, Florence Scovel Shinn published her own work.
Florence Scovel Shinn would influence many, if not all, of the New Thought teachers that came after her.

Here’s what the Amazon page on this 2011 reprint of the second edition says:

“One secret of Shinn’s success was that she was always herself . . . colloquial, informal, friendly, and humorous.
She herself was very spiritual . . . and taught by familiar, practical, and everyday examples.”

 Emmet Fox

“By studying and practicing the principles laid down in this book, one may find prosperity, solve problems, have better health, achieve personal relations-in a word, win the game of life.”
Norman Vincent Peale

“”The Game of Life and How to Play It”, by Florence Scovel Shinn, helped me crystallize my own thinking and moved me forward on the path to where I am today.”
Louise Hay

A few other books were published, but a recent addition was made as well.
In 2013 Louise Hay, who was a metaphysical teacher and ran a big publishing company of personal development books called Hay House, was offered a manuscript by a rare book dealer.
The Magic Path of Intuition.
Louise Hay purchased it, and with that the final book of Florence Scovel Shinn which she had written shortly before her death, was published as well.

Florence Scovel Shinn came to my attention on YouTube.
Probably because I had been listening to a 4 hour recording of Catherine Ponder from 1972 The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (Full Seminar).
I think YouTube thought I’d like Florence Scovel Shinn.
And I did!
Not just the text itself, but in particular the audio itself.
I just ordered my copy of the book – but what drew me to this teaching was not just the power of the text;
But also that it is read by a woman who has a calming and neutral voice:
audio (2h 8 minutes):
The Game of Life & How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn (1925)
by YouTube account Nevillution

After the 4 hour seminar from Catherine Ponder, the audio from the Florence Scovel Shinn book , was the second “vintage” audio, I was listening to.

The reason I had been listening to Catherine Ponder, was because after my birthday, I selected books that I wanted to read or reread this year.
Her Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, was one of them.
And I was especially keen on it because it was a pre-1995 book.
I’m still on my project 1994-1995.
Which means that I try to live as much as I can, according to those times.
I write in my diary every night, offline. It’s one of the ways I stay connected to the project. As is focusing on authors or artists who are from the 20th century.

The Catherine Ponder book, brought me to finding the Catherine Ponder video on YouTube, and then YouTube suggested the Florence Scovel Shinn video for her book The Game of Life and How to Play it.
And after listening to that audio for a few days, I decided to now start looking for the book.
One thing had led to another.

An 80s inspired copy I found on Dutch Amazon. Click picture for the link.

By choosing music, movies, and books from before 1995, I am adding to the experience of still being in that year.
To buy this book, I didn’t go for the beautiful new editions, but one that had an 80s vibe to it, with a Rubrik’s Cube on the cover.
I could just picture this to be the exact book I would have if I had in 1995!

The way I m framing those audio recordings (the ones 2020-me finds on YouTube) is I m seeing them as being cassette tapes which my friend and mentor Sara lent to me.
The YouTube recording of The Game of Life and How to Play It, would be one of those 1995 borrowed cassettes.

One of the things I have been experimenting with, and that is related to those teachings, is giving up control.
Going into non-resistance.
Just like other things, it’s a concept I can do very well in the area of love – to give complete freedom to others to be as they are.

But in other areas of my life, I still often feel I need to “do” something.
To build, to create, to actively go searching for answers, and things that work, and so on and so forth;

That feeling is hard to shake.

But even then, I like to take solace in knowing that for me it is impossible make the wrong decision.
And I m sure I have more examples, but the strongest are the times when I tried to “get rid of” my yoga studio.
Regardless of how I did it, informally by just offering it to a friend, or formally by ending my lease and making a public announcement that it was available for a new teacher;
It never came through.
Just like a boomerang.
Just like the famous teaching that if you lose something, it will be returned to you if was yours. And if it doesn’t return, it was never really yours.

The truth was:
I loved my yoga studio.
But I was prepared to give it up, because I no longer needed it for my business.

I m so happy it didn’t come through.
You should never give up on the things that you love.
But what I learned from this story is that when you do give them up, because you think it’s what you have to do, 
they’ll come back.

You should never give up on the things that you love, but when you do they have a way of coming back.

Love, always comes back.

Suzanne/ Lauren living.

You just read part 1, my column.
Today’s chapter from
Demons and Daemons, was the second time I made a note while extracting my manuscripts from all the sites, trying to create books. No easy task… I can definitely see a lot of resistance there! 😉
This is the small note I wrote:

Chapter 3, Untitled Notes from Lauren #2

day 2, Tuesday July 14

I cancelled all my other obligations, to focus on my books for the upcoming 7 weeks..

On. September 1st, I want all my LSH websites cleaned out, everything available in print, and to never have to reread my old life again.
In particular nothing of the past 3 years.
One of the things I ve been pushing down is my best friend migrating in 2017.
The life where I had a friend who did weekly nights out or tv with me; Who slept over and with whom I had a natural way of being, where we didn’t even have grown up conversations.
It was so cute.
So much fun.

And it hurt so much when she left I just decided to ignore it.
And let my life fall apart for three years to come, apparently.
One of the things I want to start doing to keep myself breathing, is reread notes I made and that I don’t want to forget.
Today’s one is:
I want to write a book combining sexual awakening with pop culture.
Stories of sexual awakening illustrated with Star Wars, Madonna, Bon Jovi.
And judging from the hundreds of blog posts I copy pasted today – there is a fair chance I already wrote it.

Chapter 4 of Demons and Daemons,
will be shared tomorrow,

in a new episode of The Book Club

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