1994: A Performance Art Project

It’s a bit of a strange day, literally on the doorstep between my old life and the new.
This summer I started a blog, 1994, where I translated current day events, as well as my dreams for myself and my relationship, all to 1994.
You can read these early episodes in Part 1, here below.

But the past week my life has changed, I would almost say “dramatically”, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was not dramatic at all.
It was mature, loving, and peaceful.
I m single again.
Which also means I can really go live my life exactly the way I want to.

I ve written an extensive blog post about this “marker” in this series,
the moment I decide to go all-in, and what this will mean for my love life from now on. For the men who become my lover:
Dating from now on: Rules of engagement { 1994 project }
And it already indicates that this project will have its main focus on my love life.

Now fortunately for me, it is more of a “spirit” a “mindset” thing.
When I say love life I mean, that I want to feel that vibe of being in love, of keeping your house clean and your body taken care of.
It means always anticipating, as if you are in love with life itself and there will be no other option, than that Life will love you back.

So I will be writing here, as the 22 year old Lauren.
Lauren is a newborn single, who s on her first job after college, at a publisher (real life: me publishing my own books). But she doesn’t like it and she’s going to look for something else soon (real life: me looking for a job after a 15 year + career in yoga and personal development).
In Part 1, you will read about her last sexual encounter with her lover Bear,
and how she falls in love with a painter who looks like Slash.

And in Part 2…. well?
Who knows.
I m sure something interesting will happen soon enough.

Nijmegen, December 17, 2019 1994

1994: A Performance Art Project


A deep dive into the mind, heart and diaries

of a girl who decided she was going to have it all

Part 1: Fan Fiction Inspired Stories and Erotica

0719 A letter from a stranger | “1994” fanfic inspired erotica episode 1 
Mutuals | “1994”: fanfic inspired erotica episode 2 
0911 Think about you | “1994”: fanfic inspired story episode 3 
0924 Out ta get me | “1994”: fanfic inspired story episode 4
1102 Rocket Queen | “1994”: fanfic inspired story episode 5
1117 Anything goes, Unfinished book on Consent Play | “1994” episode 6

Part 2: A New Life

1230 Welcome to the jungle | 1994 series
0101 A Warm Safe Place | 1995 series
0104 Sexual Innuendo | 1995 series
0107 I remember when we met | 1995 series
0306 Take that one to heart | 1995 series

After 0306 (which means March 6) Take that one to heart, the C. crisis started
And although I tried to “get back” here, multiple times, it seemed impossible for a while.

Like having your feet in quicksand, I couldn’t move forward.
Or in my case, back to 1995.
Until finally, late April, I did.
Resulting in Part 3 of this series:

Part 3: This Time I m Staying

0425 15 Years of Silence | 1995 series

0426 ‘Cause all these dreams are swept aside | 1995 series 
When Your Innocence Dies | 1995 series

This was the final online chapter for my series 1994: After this, and after 10 years of blogging, I switched back to offline writing. Meaning ultimately a finished book called 1994, will reveal what happened next.

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