The Covid Diaries

tenor (35)

Countdown to free hugs
report on the final months of social distancing

I ve written about the pandemic since, well, the pandemic!
And I ve written about the movie It since 2017, and I ve written about the Aids pandemic in the 80s for as long as I am a writer.
I believe they are all connected….

But the stories that will be amalgamated to The Covid Diaries, are also scattered throughout this blog; Catching dust on an old blog which I no longer use.
And they’re in Facebook posts I never blogged.
So in the state they currently are, they cannot be connected.

I m going to retrieve those stories, reblog what’s not on here yet, add extra chapters in between if I think that’s nessecary.
And on this page, if you scroll down, you can find an overview where I will sort them in their chronological order.

The best way to follow this book coming to life, is by following 
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Where you will be able to see the newly added posts, probably close to daily.

And you can also subscribe to the blog, and receive the letters to my coach Sara, reports on my Sexual Odyssey, and also related to this page, an occasional Covid Diary post.

Because as eager as we all are to put this chapter behind us,
let’s not forget that in the sewers of these dreadful years;
There is one hell of a story.

22 July 2021



Incomplete, many more chapters will be added, the diaries are put together right now

2021 07 22 It’s Chapter 2 | introduction