I m ending my YouTube channel & going underground

I ll admit it:
Technically, this is not the YouTube channel that I should be cancelling.
Not the one under this name.
Just like technically it are not the posts on this blog, that I should be clearing out.
Nor my original blog.
Nor my Dutch blog.
And yet, that is exactly what I will do. 
I will basically decimate my online presence as LS Harteveld, because I have chosen to become known/ active under my real name.
I m finally speaking my truth there.
Don’t get me wrong, it is far from the transparency I have had as LS Harteveld, from 2006 and up; 

But that is exactly why it is manageable.
Why I don’t break into a cold sweat at the idea of someone asking me questions about it, having to explain myself, or even selling my work.
Under my real name, my work is genuine enough to be a considered a part of me. But it is impersonal and general enough, to not have the same emotional value, as my work as LS Harteveld.
At least, it won’t once I ve cleared 80% of my blog and YouTube there as well –
because that’s what I will do.
The past few months, I am noticing that people become obsessed with me way too easily. This doesn’t have anything to do with my blogs nor my YouTube:
Often they don’t even know I have those.
It has been that way since I was very young, and I suspect all women experience this. But I find the emotional harassment from men I barely know, unbearable.
Just tonight I was unlocking my bike, in the city, and someone stopped his bike right behind me, and forced me to have a conversation with him and wanted to get to know me, which of course I refused.
But it WAS the moment when I decided enough was enough.
That I was going to delete my LS Harteveld YouTube channel so that my face would never be known again under that name.
I started writing as LS Harteveld in 2006, and it has been so nessecary for me, to cope with life this way.
Writing is my sanctuary.
And I m proud of the books I created in 2017, and look forward to curating all the material I still have and create new ones.
But in the upcoming years my face and my work will also become known under my real name. And that is the moment when it becomes very inconvenient that my candid LS Harteveld videos exist.
Especially because I will be writing here, and needing this place here, more than ever.
The blog you re reading right now, has my 1994 project on it, where I fictionalize real life events to a 22 year old Lauren, who wants to be a writer.
And I also write letters to my creativity coach Sara here.
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Next to that, I have my original blog.
The reason I started using that, is that it doesn’t give out email notifications!
This allows me to write things I want to share on social media, but that I don’t consider my core work.
So if you want to read this extra work, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter
Like I said I expect to write a lot. More than ever before. 
I think my adventures in the real world will really stir my creativity, although I will never write about my payroll job/ work environment where I m not a speaker or writer. 
So I can no longer afford the candid conversations I ve been having on YouTube.
Today I was covering a song/ video in a series I m currently doing on YouTube, and I will make a new final video explaining why this brought me to this decision, but the short version is:
The topic I wanted to cover, and which I had actually announced the previous day, suddenly struck me as very unwise to openly discuss.
After a week, rich in drawing unwanted attention to myself, the last thing I wanted to do was put oil to the flame.
And all I did want to do, was pull the plug.
So I will.
Just like in 2010 when I first came online, all photos of me, all videos, will be removed. And the LS Harteveld blog you are on right now – will become a sanctuary where I can be myself and share my best work.
For ever.

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