She Bangs

Nothing changed, and yet everything has changed. As soon as I tossed my planning aside, my life shifted into the highest gear of both productivity and fun!

For months I was ruled by a (let’s be honest) self-created workload that covered every “Should” of the business coach I learn from.
Which boiled down to daily messaging, daily content creation, and showing the fuck up. And I took that on for my writing, my yoga biz and my new online program, because by now I had three businesses.

I reserved my least productive time slots for being social, yet people wanted to see me when I wanted to work. And I spent weekends alone which I didn’t even mind because work was never done anyway.
The moment my “holiday” week began, and God smacked my thumb to remind me that life was not all about work, but also about fun and play and not being a dull gal, it still took me a whole week before I understood the full consequences of His intervention. Initially I thought it just meant that I wasn’t meant to work the holidays.
Or the weekends.

But then last Sunday I chose to start my new life.

Not so much about taking more time off, but a life with minimum “Shoulds”. A life about Freedom. About saying “yes”.
And so it began.

That Sunday I wrote a three hour blogpost, listened to motivational audios, had a long nap; went out for a walk in the sun with a friend and we went for lunch. I chose nachos with creme fraiche and chilisaus, and hot chocolate with whipped cream after.
At night I went behind my desk to prepare this week’s classes and that’s when fate struck: when I logged into my bankaccount I found out I had been the victim of a thousand dollar hack. And that it was both very unlikely I would get it back, nor would I be able to pay my bills which were due the next day..
I freaked out, and called my mother, who was able to help me out. Not just financially but she also offered that I could sleep at her’s, instead of being alone at night and keep going over the theft.
I accepted.

If I had not committed to my new “Yes” life, where I go with the flow, instead of plan against it, I would never have accepted an invitation like that, because it would mean using the first productive two hours of my Monday.
But now I did.
I said “Yes”.
And started the workweek having breakfast with my mother, who I love more than anything in the world. What better way to start!
After that, I went home and took care of paying the bills, and wanted to see how my yoga studio was doing. At night there had been a storm and a lot of basements had flooded. Since my studio is below ground level I wanted to know how it was doing, before teaching that night.
I called a friend if he felt like having lunch, and he accepted.
Making that Monday’s second social event, after the breakfast.

Other accomplishments Monday: wrote a blogpost for my yoga studo; gave  math tutoring; taught two yogaclasses and wrote a blogpost of my last sexual encounter with Mr.Big which I still had not gotten around to. I wanted to say: “I had not gotten around to processing the notes yet,” but that sounds so crazy right, that I make notes after sex..

Today I got up absolutely hungry for another productive day like that!
After two of them I knew living like this, basically came down to acting on first instinct and not sticking to anything premeditated.
So when this morning, mid-desk work, I wanted to look up one song, because next week I have to make a playlist for the Pop Quiz Yoga group and I knew a great song to open it with, I gave into the impulse.
And one song became a theme, which became an entire playlist, that took me two hours to create but it brought me so much joy.

There was one song that I couldn’t use for Pop Quiz Yoga, for various reasons, but that did struck me as my “theme song”.
It gave me such a high vibe. I think I have always have identified with it, but I suspect it’s especially now that I love my life so much, living it from instincts and enjoying it so much more, that it resonates with me even more:
Ricky Martin’s She Bangs.

And she bangs, she bangs
Oh baby
When she moves, she moves
I go crazy
‘Cause she looks like a flower but she stings
Like a bee
Like every girl in history

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living


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