[ all posts will be deleted ] | 1996 Dear Nikki

Nikki Sixx as English bootleg trader and record store owner Nikki

I’m sorry, but I have decided to delete this post, and I will be deleting all my old work here.
I am suffering from anxiety attacks, something that was briefly mentioned in this blog post. My work lies elsewhere but my anxiety has been tied to what I share here,
I just can’t have my LS Harteveld work hovering over me or hiding under the bed.

I will stay active on 
my Facebook page
Twitter: @LSHarteveld
And I will continue curating and publishing the work I wrote online from 2010 – 2021.

Within three weeks I will have what I consider to be my magnum opus, ready for you for sale.
It is book 1 and book 2 in the 90s diary series, published in one cover.
The title will be A Letter From A Stranger.

And this site will stay online, and I will too!
Because the anxiety could pass, or because my work could switch to being LS Harteveld again one day, but mostly because I want to stay in touch.
By subscribing to this site, I will have a way to reach you. 

Let’s hope it all pans out, and that the anxiety stops. It’s crippling, and I don’t just mean to my websites 😉 

Speak to you soon.
Take care.
And subscribe!

An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living


My diaries are available at LULU
New books will be added.

The best way to receive updates on when these books are ready,
is to subscribe to this blog.
Button on this page, probably on the top right.

Or follow my Facebook page
/ Twitter: @LSHarteveld

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