I m living in 1995. And I m never coming back.

This is a letter to my creativity coach Sara
Before our coaching call, I always give her a headsup.
Dear Sara,
When I selected our last letter, as the post I wanted to copy, I noticed I d written three posts in my 1995 series, since our last call.
That’s almost as many episodes as the entire six months prior or something.
And yet the funny thing is: none of them were “the Thing”! 
All three seem almost irrelevant now, although my last one, which I will refer to as my Fuck All That post, definitely does show I gave it my all, when I decided it was time to man up and start living my life.
I reread the Fuck All That post for this letter, and it was unbelievable that it was almost like it was coming from a different world… a different me!
It did show I threw my full weight into it, and really was more than fed up having this kind of availability for other people’s bullshit, as well as for my own bullshit.
That I needed balls and a backbone, and that I had lost them under some floral pattern in 1995.
But yep!
There they were!
Because two days after that 1995 Fuck All That diary entry, I got The Thing!
The Mother of All Projects.
And considering this post has become pretty gender specific, The King Of All Projects, would be more accurate.
The 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series;
Where I revisit concerts 25 years after the date, making one video of every concert on the night the concert actually took place (25 years ago).
Tonight I already struck gold, finding my first story while watching this Sunday’s Seoul concert.
And I wrote my first complementary blog about how Jon’s 1995 voice was – as I called it – “in mint condition”;
But how a mature Jon Bon Jovi won by putting in his entire heart and soul into it.
Although the post wasn’t called that way, it could have been named “In Praise of Older Jon”.
And there is more….
And if I tell you this, you will know this Bon Jovi project may become My Biggie. Something that will connect me to what other people want to know too;
I am letting my series end in 1996, with a concert here in The Netherlands that was
A. A concert that blew your socks off,
and B. Given at the most unlikely place, a concert location that technically didn’t even exist, aside from a large field of grass.

This one-off rock concert, a musical The Little Rural Area That Could, must have been forged into existence by a group of highly ambitious music lovers, who found themselves in an unlikely place where they could bring the rock gods of the 90s, to one of the most remote areas of the Netherlands, if they all worked together…
And it is that story I will be investigating the upcoming year.
I have already contacted what appeared to be the main man, and he’s willing to share his story.
I will blog about these individual interviews in Dutch, creating blog posts about how this legendary concert came into being.
Next year is their 25th anniversary, and maybe if we put all the blog posts together, and we have photographers sharing their archives;
We could create a book to mark the anniversary of this Bon Jovi concert from 1996.
And to celebrate the end of my 13 months series, which started last Tuesday and that will go on until June next year, with a five month hiatus after December 6th.
I will be at the pace of the tour, doing 2-5 videos each week until the end of the year.
So yeah, I found my balls Sara.
And they may be 25 years old, but they sure are in mint condition!.

the writer currently residing in 1995
~Lauren/LS Harteveld

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A one time exception to the rule

I normally don’t share my real or professional name here, because this is my pen name blog. But after writing this post, I will very gladly make an exception, so you can follow this work if it speaks to you.

You can follow the 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series under my real name;
– on YouTube 
– on the blog with stories
This was tonight’s post:
The gems, the gems…. My friends we ve hit the jackpot

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