I’m ready to live on my own: #DailyKat stops

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day 41 Thursday 26 April

I m here behind my computer to do #DailyKat, 11 P.M., and suddenly I know: I’m done with #DailyKat, my project of reading one Katrina Ruth blogpost a day and reposting it.
But I m done for the best reason imaginable: because I ve moved on in the direction she encourages you to take.
Closer to my heart.
Closer to being FULLY me.
So I’m now committed to my own daily posting here, on this blog Daily LS Harteveld.
And today I announced that from this day forward, I will see myself as a writer. No longer as a yoga teacher.

Which is a strikingly similar choice to the one Katrina Ruth made, when she switched from being a personal trainer to seeing herself as a writer, although she intended to quit personal training entirely if I recall correctly.

Another thing that happened this week is that her team upgraded the website and now I can access all Katrina Ruth programs, which I bought over the past 18 months, all at the same time!
I want to start (re-)doing those!

For those two reasons (finding my own power, and the possibility to go deeper with her paid content) the weeks where I needed the daily boost of her blog are over.
But I could never have come here without this project. I ve internalized so much of her advice.
“Success can never come from a place of the wrong service!”
“ALWAYS listen to your soul.”
“Have FAITH.”

All things which can be directly linked to me choosing writing over trying create more profitable yoga classes. I like my current students and my current classes. And yoga will serve as a welcome time away from my desk, as a writer. Ironically I feel it will make me an even better teacher, now that yoga doesn’t have to pay the bills anymore.

Although I intend to keep teaching yoga until I m old, I feel that by choosing writing I am turning the page. The second half of my life will be about something else.
Exactly the things Katrina Ruth knows best.

I started #DailyKat as a fan. And I m ending it on the same high note. I feel she kind of shaped me, in -dare I say- the most pleasurable way imaginable. I doubt I will ever get enough of her! And my new identity and profession, as a writer, only allows me to put her words to practice even more fully.

So if you want a similar experience, follow Katrina Ruth’s blog, Facebook, YouTube.

And never forget Kat’s most important lesson:
Life is now. Press play.

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living


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