That thing I said I’d never do… is here.

There are so many things I said I’d never do.
But honestly?
This was the only one where not my inability to commit, not my slacker behavior, nor (on the opposite) the threat of getting addicted to it, was telling me NO.

It was something else.

The reason I never committed to blogging daily is because I thought people would immediately UNsubscribe.
Leave… never to return.
And I didn’t want that.

Even though I get emails every day, from Katrina Ruth, whose blog I follow diligently.
And Kat writes not just blogs!
I also get promotional content from her.

Yet, I never considered unsubscribing. On the contrary: I get inspired by her productivity.
I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging daily for over a year. But I always let it go. Mainly because of reasons I just mentioned.

I didn’t want to scare subscribers off.
But this is different.
This is called DAILY. So you’ll know it’s DAILY.

So now I can really say: See you tomorrow!

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living


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