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After creating her daily schedule for success in every area of her life, Lauren looks for guidance on a pressing business matter.

Within hours of solemnly swearing my entire business model would be exclusively based on selling books, I found myself inspired to register as a company, start giving some sort of coaching, get paid gigs for public speaking AND SO ON!
Thank goodness I postponed these decisions to February when I will have a cat, and be my normal self again.
And also thank goodness I realized as early as this morning that these were all terrible ideas, or at least premature and not thought through.
But nevertheless it gave me a good scare that I had so easily succumbed to boxing up what I do into a business, an identifiable service again.
Had I learned nothing?
Did I actually have to tattoo all the reasons I didn’t want a normal business, on my forehead, in order for me not to forget?
So instead of diving right into writing this post this morning, I gave myself unlimited time with my favorite coach Katrina Ruth.
I read everything she posted the past couple of days plus a long blog about her early days: How I Quit 1:1 Personal Training and Created a 50k+ Per Month Online Business Part OnePart TwoPart 3 Part Three epilogue
(Kat never wrote part 4)
It took me 3,5 hours of reading, journaling, thinking, and I was so grateful I knew her. I have followed her since late 2016, and she has changed my life.
Or to be exact (I m sure this is how she sees it): I changed my life, but she was the only coach who could support the process all the way through.
Even today, when I needed confirmation that it was okay to focus fully on purpose work, and to let go of the idea of creating or adjusting something so you can sell it and meet your income goals, she is the one I know I can turn to.
So I did that, and although it was still a bit uncomfortable, to take all that time to dive in so deep, before writing, I didn’t regret it.
Because I found that what I was currently doing in “business”- going entirely against the grain – was something I have been doing for years in my love life.
Where I don’t have a normal relationship, but I am someone’s secret mistress.
And in my case, being a mistress and doing my purpose work, turned out to be the exact same thing!
The mistress is someone who is with a man, only for the pleasure of the moment. She doesn’t do it because she’s looking for a partner, or because she’ll get something out of it, in a normal sense. And she’s not with him because she’s afraid she’ll end up alone, or because he’s a good man and he “will do”.
Instead, she adores him, and loves him, and can’t think of a better way to spend her time.
The outcome, the reward is in the moment.
Doing your purpose work has exactly the same characteristics;
You don’t do it because you’re paid, not because it brings you stability, or any future outcome. The joy is in the doing.
And the reason I have always seen deeper meaning in seeing myself as a mistress, is because I believe my entire life should be lived this way.
Nothing should be done for a future outcome.
Everything should be done for the joy of doing it.
And that’s when I knew how I could always stay true to my nature, and never stray from the path again. I could make sure future “business” decisions were aligned with my deepest values, by asking myself:
Is this *insert random business decision* something the mistress in me would like to do?
Next time it will not cost me 3,5 hours to figure out where I went wrong.

An unexamined life is not worth living

–> 17 December start of Katrina Ruth’s new program EXPANSION
10 Days of Live Soul Transmissions, to Help You Find and Follow the Messages Within 

Now I’m following you is the forty-second chapter from Project M. 

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